We will sell to retailers at wholesale prices. Orders must exceed $100. Also, a wholesale buyer must provide a resale certificate from their state, or otherwise prove that they are buying our products for resale. 

Wholesale Orders

Retailers who are interested in buying wholesale from Elsa Ortiz Online LLC should contact us directly by emailing [email protected] to express interest or to place orders. Wholesale orders may require extra time to fulfill. Wholesale orders are currently placed directly to EOO LLC by telephone (716-432-8874) or email and are processed independent of our online store's order and payment processing system.

Wholesale Pricing

Our wholesale prices are generally 50% of the retail prices posted on the Store's website. No discount code is needed for eligible buyers because wholesale orders are made by telephone or email and are not processed through our online store.

Shipping Charges

Our free shipping policy does not extend to wholesale purchasers. Shipping fees are determined  based on where the products will be shipped, the weight of the products, and the shipping method chosen by the customer.

Sales Taxes

New Mexico sales taxes are not charged on items sold to retailers who present resale certificates or other proof that they buy for the purpose of reselling.