Elsa Ortiz Online maintains a policy of fair trade in all aspects of its business. Our policy is to treat customers, suppliers and all others with whom we interact fairly. We are particularly sensitive to the vulnerable positions of artisans and others in our supply chain in Guatemala.  We seek to continuously promote human and economic development within our sphere of potential impact. Fairness to all is a core value of our business.

Here are several practices that we employ to support fair trade and extra fair trade:

  1.  Our buyer does not bargain coercively with vendors or artisans in Guatemala. She seeks prices that are fair to both buyer and seller;
  2. We pay our partners in Guatemala, from buyer to shipper, fair prices for their services;
  3. Our operations in the U.S. are performed by volunteers, effectively cutting out middle-man costs, so savings can be passed on to customers and used to support our fair trade practices.